tirsdag 12. juni 2012

Picasso and cubism unit

In this unit, we investigated Picasso and his famous style of painting, Cubism. Cubism is a painting style which expresses emotion by exaggerating shapes and placement of shapes and forms in a model. Our assessment for this unit was to first create a cubist drawing/painting based on a model, and another  painting/drawing based on our own imagination. Since we didn't have as much time as expected, few people were able to finish their second painting/drawing.

The model we were using to base our first drawing on, were several different objects such as a guitar and a mannequin. To make a cubist drawing, we first divided our page into panels. As we were copying the model, we were to change the shape and direction of the object between each panel. We were also advised to mostly watch the model while we were drawing. The results were quite peculiar. We then used collage from newspapers to fill in some of the panels. Finally, we gave the drawing some depth by using  multicolored chalk. The result was interesting. I couldn't really tell how well or bad I did, as the purpose of the exercise was not necessarily to make the most "attractive" drawing, but rather a drawing which demonstrates cubism.

For the second drawing we used the same method as before, only working from our own imagination. I ended up drawing random shapes and figures that came to my mind.