onsdag 28. mars 2012

Tessellation unit: Finished cut out

After the last three lessons, I finally finished the cut out. I had a few problems while doing this. When I finished the cut out the first time, it had disappeared the next lesson, which led me to starting the process all over again. There was also a great lack of knives to use, so I had to use a scissor when cutting out the design the second time. I was not pleased with the result when using a scissor, so I had redo the process again. When I was finally finished, I carved the desired pattern onto the linoleum.

onsdag 7. mars 2012

Tessellation unit: Cut out

As I had made the design of the object for my tessellation in the previous lesson, I was able to proceed with cutting out the design out go linoleum. We were then going to paint the surface of the cut out, and print it onto a sheet of A3 paper. To cut out my design from the linoleum, I first had to trace the outline of the design, and then cut it out using a scissor or knife. After trying both methods, the knife gave a more accurate result, while the scissors made the process faster. I decided to use the knife, as my cut out would contain several small and thin parts, which would need accuracy.