tirsdag 6. desember 2011

Creating the sculpture: Part 04

It had gone several weeks since we were able to work on the sculpture, due to trip to cinema, christmas concert rehearsal etc. We had gotten the whole day to work on the the sculpture. We worked at MYP, so we had to go and get our stuff at PYP first. I weren't able to get all the stuff I needed, because a lesson was in session at the room we usually use for ART.

 I started with cutting out the wings of the owl out of cardboard, as engraving them into the sculpture turned out to be a bad idea. I painted them with a blend between black and silver, which created an interesting shining dark color. I painted the entire clay part of the sculpture with silver paint, to add a mechanical feel to the sculpture. I then made the top hat of the owl by cutting out 2 circles of cardboard, gluing them together and paint them black.

 The next step was to glue all the pieces together. I started with the gluing the clock into the frame I had created at first. As the clay sculpture had dried, the frame was made more hallow, which made it more challenging. However, with the help of Roman and Tollak I was able to glue it together successfully. I did not feel like adding  a way to remove the clock, as it would not be appropriate to my chosen type of sculpture, which is also why I didn't add a battery. I then glued the top hat to the head, and the wings on it's back.

I then painted Roman Numerals onto the background of the clock, because I think it added more sophistication, even though the numerals were poorly drawn. I then glued on the top hat, and the wings. I used a cut out piece of a clock hand as an eye, and a metal ring symbolizing a monocle.

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