tirsdag 6. desember 2011

Evaluation feedback: Time and clocks unit

Piotr: "It's nice, even though the eyes are a bit weird. Make me visualize old times".

Andreas: "Very nice. Wings are well-developed. Hat is nice. diversion of eyes is cool. Could have prevented paint stains on back".

Markus: "Components are connected in a nice way".

Simen "The masterpiece created by sander is one that is impressive. One can argue that it is meant to be ornithologically oriented and that it is very educational in this way though others might argue that this is for entertainment purposes".

Roman:"My personal opinion  stat this sculpture could be used for many different things.

  • It could be  a clock
  • It could serve as a ornament
  • It could possibly be used for pleasuring purposes
  • It could be used to kill people (some people have a fright phobia for birds)"
Note: Everything Simen and Roman wrote was written entirely by themselves.

From this feedback I can see that the structure of the sculpture is good, even though I could work a little more to prevent careless mistakes like paint stains. According to Simen and Roman, the sculpture could also serve different purposes. The general feedback suggests my sculpture was successful.

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